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שעות פתיחה בתקופת המלחמה
שני עד חמישי 08:30 עד 20:00
שישי 08:00 עד 14:00
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About Us

Following the dream of creating and baking light bread in the place closest to nature, Ronen Lavie, the former owner of a successful cafe in Tel Aviv - moved to the Golan Heights. There, in the settlement of Bnei Yehuda, he established his home and his workshop: Ronen Lavi is the "signer."


The signature is a bakery (PATISERY / BOULANGERY), traditionally influenced by European culture, specializing in baking healthy breads based on sourdough (mainly), wonderful baguettes, buttery breakfast pastries, baked cakes, showcase cakes, cookies, savory and sweet pastries by weight.

The signature bakery boasts the traditional and fresh bakery baked every morning, every day, with a customer enjoying and smiling while eating is its main goal.

Our breads

The signature bakery offers a variety of fresh breads with a wonderful aroma, including Ronen's famous shaor bread made from a traditional shaor leaven without oil and sugar.

The breads and pastries are made with love and handmade in a long and slow rise that gives them a unique aroma and healthy processes. And later the breads are baked in a large stone oven.

Every day the special daybreads are baked here - real baguettes just like in Paris, loaves of French bread, five-grain bread, sculpted, light bread filled with nuts, sweet raisins, soft spelled rolls, breads in different and interesting designs and delicious fillings.

In our store you will also find a collection of croissants, brioches, cookies that have just come out of the oven, butter with almonds, nuts of various kinds, stuffed with jams and medicines.

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Making Pizza Dough

הנחתום בייקרי: איזור תעשייה בני יהודה

שני-חמישי        08:00-17:00

שישי                08:00-14:00

שבת-ראשון       סגור


שעות וימי פתיחה ימים שני עד חמישי 08:30 עד 21:00  כיבוי תנורים, ימי שישי 08:00 ו ב 14:00 כיבוי תנורים.

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